About me

My name is Manuel Boy-Sophus Martensen and I am the type of guy who puts his thoughts and pho­tos on the inter­net and pre­tends that people are inter­ested in it. People like you.

This is me

I was born on the beau­ti­ful Isle of Sylt in the North-Sea. I am a Frisian. Growing up on an island and liv­ing here is the best; the beach is always close by and you define “home” a little dif­fer­ently than most people, because the rest of the world is not that easy to access — it’s behind the ocean. Most of the time that’s good.

I like cyc­ling, hik­ing, snow­board­ing, design, pho­to­graphy, video­graphy, typo­graphy, heli­copters, web tech­no­logy, doing stuff with my dad in the work­shop, hik­ing with my mother and eat­ing the stuff she cooks, mak­ing my sis­ter laugh, eat­ing the stuff my dad cooks, hav­ing cof­fee with my grandma, and col­lect­ing friends who are out­stand­ingly good look­ing. Religion, foot­ball, and bor­ing people suck.

If you read all this you will be rich and fam­ous one day.